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Job Seeker Information
Meet recruiters from tech companies that are hiring in Amsterdam.
Ask all your questions and learn about what it’s actually like to work for the companies that you’re interested in.
Practice how to talk to recruiters, how to get your personality across to them and make a great first impression.
Forge new connections and grow your network of contacts.
Discover some amazing startups that are contributing to building Amsterdam’s future as a tech hub.

Information for Companies
Meet young graduates, interns and experienced professionals who are eager to work with tech companies.
Get your job postings promoted, and exhibit at Amsterdam Tech Job Fair 2018.
Registration for this event is now open.

Event & doelgroep

Carrièrebeurs / Career event
29 november 2018
18:00 uur tot 21:00 uur

Dit event richt zich op:
Consultancy en management, Financieel en Economisch, ICT, Markting en Sales, Techniek

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29 november 2018 om 18:00 uur

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